About me

Are yimg_9500ou in need of some life inspiration?

Are you interested in food, fitness, design, fashion and life hacks in general ?

Come follow me as I keep my digital journal open to you, maybe there is something you can take away to brighten up your day from what I have to share.

I am a Swedish-Serb now living in a gorgeous shire in the UK together with a fantastic man, our 3 lovely girls and our dog Xena.

I left the office environment as an Automation Support Engineer to be a full time mother  and endulge in cooking, baking and a pleathora of crafts while I squeeze in my love for Thai Boxing and Crossfit as often as I can.

I have a passion for scandinavian sleek home decor and drewl over glossy magazines as often as I can.

I hope you will enjoy my content as I boldly go into this new adventure in the world of blogging.

You can reach me at Katarina@katarinamilen.com if you have any questions.

Love and Peace 

Katarina Milen