Easy Autumn Planting


When looking at any type of container planting, there are a few good rules to remember.

  • Plant for the season
  • Try to  have a tall plant, a filler and a trailing plant per pot.
  • Use foliage for color.
  • Make sure that the plants you are planting like the same type of soil.
  • Ensure good drainage.


Heather, Conifers and Ivy go well together and love a bit of acidic soil. A good Ericaceous compost is ideal and affordable.

When changing container plants or creating new ones it doesn’t have to cost the earth, looking around in garden centres is great, but you can find better deals elsewhere.

These plants are all from Lidl, costing a  fraction of the price, they are perfect for containers.

  • Pick  a pot or container.
  • Add grit or stones for drainage.
  • Fill with soil.
  • Take your plants out of their containers and gently wiggle the roots around.
  • Put them in and arrange as you like.
  • Water.
  • It’s easy, affordable and looks great.
  • Get planting!




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